About Buttrey Rental


Since 1946 we have been proudly serving the Western Chicago Metropolitan region. We are open seven days a week to help you complete your projects promptly. We offer an extensive fleet of new and well-maintained rental equipment, tools and trucks from our convenient location in Westmont.


1946 to 1985

Buttrey Rental was founded in 1946 by Morris Buttrey. Morris got started in the rental business by renting out moving trailers, many of which he built himself from his gas station in Melrose Park. He found that his customers also had the need for other items besides trailers. The rental inventory expanded over the years to include everything from cars, trucks, and tools to party goods. When Morris first started renting trailers, he had a doorbell at his gas station wired to ring at his apartment a few doors down the street from the gas station. If anyone needed to rent a trailer after hours, they rang the bell and Morris would come down to rent them a trailer.

In 1959 seeing the need for a rental store in the growing Western suburbs, a branch store was opened in Downers Grove. The Melrose Park store was closed a few years later. In the early 1960’s the store in Downers Grove was relocated further east behind the original McDonald’s on Ogden and an RV sales lot was opened up next to the rental store. In 1971 Morris bought a larger building in Westmont where we are presently located.

1985 to PRESENT

In 1985, after nearly 40 successful years in the rental business, Morris decided to retire. The rental store was purchased by his grandson Scott Harris, who still owns and operates Buttrey Rental.

Since 1985, I have seen many changes in the rental industry. We have been able to take advantage of many new technologies offered in rental equipment as they have developed through the years. Our current rental inventory offers many of these new improvements, which have greatly increased productivity. I am very excited about our new line of "emission free" battery powered equipment! Our battery powered rental and sales inventory now includes compact backhoes, loaders, and material handling equipment. We have also recently added battery powered compaction equipment.

I would like to express our thanks to all our existing customers for all your support and confidence in our staff! I would also like to welcome our new customers and thank you for confidence in giving us a chance to earn your business!


  • Morris Buttrey 1971Left: Morris Buttrey, Founder   Top: 1946   Bottom: 1990-Present